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Magic Mushroom Pack - Bundle Deals

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Packed with the psychoactive component, psilocybin, magic mushrooms are a powerfully transformative plant medicine. Beloved for their therapeutic benefits, they promote enhanced creativity, profound introspection, heightened moods, and relieve stress. Magic mushrooms are even found to have promising effects for relieving many mental health disorders and addictions.

Whether you’re using them for therapeutic or recreational purposes, magic mushrooms will transform your life. Making it easier than ever to trip or microdose to your heart’s content, we now offer specially curated collections of our magic mushroom products. For every experience level, there’s a bundle to try! Plus, we offer Canada-wide shipping, so you can get your psilocybin mushrooms delivered right to your doorstep.

Curious about these psychedelic mushroom packs? Read on to learn more about our magic mushroom products and the exclusive offers available!

How to Choose the Right Magic Mushroom Bundle

Offering a wide variety of options for every experience level, our magic mushroom bundles differ in potency and effects. Each pack is infused with different psilocybin mushroom strains, and some contain shroom gummies, psilocybin chocolates, and microdosing capsules. So, how do you know which one to choose? Start by considering your goals with using magic mushroom products, and then analyze your experience level. Once you have a good idea of this, you can refer to the line graphs under each product description. By explaining the recommended experience level of each of our magic mushroom products, you can determine which strain and which bundle is right for you. There are plenty of choices for beginner, intermediate, and experienced psychonauts, as well as those looking for recreational or therapeutic benefits.

experience level and shroom potency

Who is the Microdosing Bundle for?

Including pre-measured microdosing capsule packs, psilocybin chocolates, and shroom gummies, our microdosing bundle is a perfect choice for anyone looking to dip their toes into the therapeutic world of magic mushrooms. Microdosing has been gaining serious popularity for the wealth of benefits it can provide – and for good reason! Those who regularly microdose report improved mental health, enhanced energy, increased focus and productivity, amplified creativity, and relieve stress. Microdosing is also believed to ease depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Whether you’re curious about microdosing or are already on a consistent microdose regime, the quality products in our Microdosing Bundle are a great pick!

Who is the Party Bundle for?

A fan favorite, the Party Bundle is always down for a good time. Including an Albino Penis Envy chocolate bar, Golden Teacher microdose gummies, and Penis Envy dried shrooms, this bundle is ideal for the recreational mushroom eater. Offering a combo of microdosing treats and trippy-er treats, these magic mushroom products can be enjoyed by beginner to intermediate levels. It’s a true choose-your-own-adventure into the psychedelic world!

Who is the Premium Microdosing Bundle for?

The Premium Microdosing Bundle is for the experienced microdoser looking to uplevel their mental health regime. Infused with slightly more potent strains, this bundle offers a world of therapeutic benefits for amplifying energy, improving mental health, increasing focus, enhancing creativity, easing depression, and more. Enjoy the sweetly sub-perceptual effects that these microdosing goodies provide. Included are microdosing capsule packs, psilocybin chocolates, and shroom gummies.

Who is the Spiritual Essence Bundle for?

Dive into the most intricate layers of your consciousness with the Spiritual Essence Bundle. This magic mushroom pack is specially curated for the spiritual voyager, always searching for truth and meaning. Packed with Golden Teacher and White Rabbit dried shrooms, as well as Golden Teacher microdose gummies, expect a wide variety of effects like deep introspection, altered perception, and a thoroughly transformative and psychedelic experience for the mind. Depending on the dosage, this pack of exclusive offers is recommended for intermediate to advanced experience levels.

Who is the Visual Trip Bundle for?

Embark on a journey of the senses with the Visual Trip Bundle. This magic mushroom pack is intended for the intermediate to advanced psychonaut looking for a highly psychedelic experience. Curated with Blue Pulaski and Albino Penis Envy dried shrooms and an A.P.E psilocybin mushroom chocolate bar, you can expect profound visual hallucinations, leading you into new realms of consciousness. Eat the mushrooms at home and watch your space turn into a cinematic adventure.

Bundle Pack FAQ

Got more questions about our magic mushroom products? We’ve got the answers!

Can I get my order delivered?

Yes! We offer Canada-wide shipping and delivery on our psilocybin mushroom products and magic mushroom bundles. Check out our site for exclusive offers to buy shrooms online. We have A.P.E, Golden Teacher, Blue Meanie, and more of the top strains available!

Can I order in bulk?

Our mushroom dispensary offers Canada-wide shipping on bulk orders of our quality products, including Blue Meanie, Golden Teacher, Blue Pulaski, and more! Head to our site to find exclusive offers and buy shrooms online.

How can I use magic mushrooms for therapeutic use?

Used throughout the ages as plant medicine, magic mushrooms are packed with a wide variety of therapeutic benefits to share. They are renowned for improving and healing mental issues, enhancing creativity and imagination, boosting energy and mood, easing depression and anxiety, and creating profoundly introspective experiences. If you are interested in trying mushrooms at home for their therapeutic use, we recommend starting with a microdosing capsule pack or psilocybin chocolates. You can then work your way up to heavier doses and strains of dried shrooms if you feel called to it.

Are magic mushrooms dangerous to my health?

Grown in nature, these psychedelic substances are viewed as one of the safest drugs and pose very few risks. They should, however, be treated with respect and responsibility to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. If you battle with any mental health disorders, be sure to talk to your doctor before experimenting with psilocybin.

What is the best way to consume the bundle packs?

Before diving into your psychedelic magic mushroom bundle pack, we advise familiarizing yourself with each strain and each of the products, as well as their suggested doses. When you’re ready to eat the mushrooms, make sure your mindset is in a good and solid place. Next, be sure to eat them in a comfortable and safe place, and only with trusted companions. By paying attention to your “set” and “setting”, you can not only make the most of your experience but also avoid a bad trip.

What amount of dried magic mushrooms should I eat?

Everyone has a different reaction to psychedelic substances, and this will depend on a wide variety of factors like body chemistry, weight, age, experience level, strain, and more. The environment you eat them in and the company you are surrounded by will also impact the experience you have. If you’re a first-timer, we highly recommend starting slow with a low dose of psilocybin. Once you feel more comfortable with navigating the psychedelic sensations and effects of a magic mushroom trip, you can work your way up to larger doses if you so choose. 

Here’s a quick guide to dosage based on experience level:

Low Dose: 0.8g -1g 

With a low dose, such as this, expect milder sensations and effects, equivalent to being stoned. 

Mild Dose: 1g – 1.5g  

A mild dose will start to create some trippy effects, like synesthesia, enhanced colors and lights, heightened creativity, and a noticeable body high. 

Medium Dose: 1.5g – 3g 

Plan on a hallucinatory adventure with a medium magic mushroom dose – a perfect stepping stone for those looking to work their way up from a low or mild dose. Expect hallucinations, fractals, and a strong sense of interconnectedness. 

Strong Dose: 3g – 4g 

For advanced psychonauts only, a trip sitter is a necessity for this high of a magic mushroom dose. The trip will be intense with wild visuals, auditory hallucinations, and deep introspection – a true psychedelic journey. It’s important to be aware that bad trips can arise from this dosage, so try to go with the flow as much as you can. 

Hero Dose: 4g – 5g

Commonly producing a death of the ego, a hero’s dose of magic mushrooms is no joke. Only try this if you are extremely comfortable navigating psychedelic magic mushroom trips and have a reliable trip sitter by your side. Intense hallucinations, total distortion of time and space, and lost touch with reality are to be expected. 

Remember – You can buy your shrooms online! We offer shipping on regular orders and bulk orders Canada-wide. Shop our magic mushroom dispensary now!

Does psilocybin interact with any medications or other substances?

Magic mushrooms are psychedelic substances that are believed to interact with mental health medications like MAOIs, SSRIs, and some other antidepressants. If you are prescribed any of these drugs, be sure to check with a medical professional before consuming psychedelic substances. As for other substances, including alcohol, we advise not mixing anything else with mushrooms.

Can I develop a tolerance or get addicted to dried psilocybin mushrooms?

No, psilocybin magic mushrooms are non-addictive psychedelic substances. You can, however, build a tolerance for them. This is why it is recommended to space out your trips so that you can experience the full range of psychedelic effects each time you eat them.

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