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Dried Magic Mushrooms: Types of Raw, Fresh & Dried Shrooms

Dried Magic Mushrooms

Offering far more than just their mind-bending capabilities, psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, has been found to provide countless health benefits for the mind and body. Curious about this alternative healing method? Take a trip with us into the psychedelic world of magic mushrooms. New information is being released on the daily, pointing towards the positive long and short term effects that these fantastical fungi can provide. 

Still illegal in many countries and states, mushrooms are classified as a drug, but we are trying to change the negative stigma that surrounds this misunderstood fungus. We have seen firsthand the extraordinary impact this natural medicine has had on countless people’s health, both physically and mentally, and now we want to share the magic with the rest of the world. 

As providers of dried mushrooms, we wanted to talk to you a bit about what they are, how they work, and everything in between. In the words of ethnopharmacologist Dennis Mckenna, mushrooms “let you step out of your box”. So, are you ready to explore beyond your current boundaries? Read on to learn all about psilocyb

Fast Facts on Dried Shrooms

Mushrooms have been used as a drug by people for thousands of years, as a way to go on hallucinogenic trips and explore the confines of the mind, as well as for medical purposes. Inducing a hallucinogenic experience, psilocybin is the substance that makes magic mushrooms distinct from regular and poisonous mushrooms. Mushrooms are often connected to other psychedelic drugs, such as LSD, ecstasy, and ketamine. What sets mushrooms apart from LSD and the rest, however, is that these bad boys grow straight from the ground, and are about as natural as they come. Although, it is important to note that some mushrooms are now being made in laboratories. 

The benefits these fungi can offer to physical and mental health are being explored more than ever before, and research is coming up with some compelling data. In clinical trials, mushrooms have been shown to offer serious improvements for people struggling with mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more.

Although still illegal in most places, depending on state and country laws, you can often find both dried mushrooms and fresh mushrooms becoming more widely available and accepted. Both options contain psilocybin and can induce powerfully healing experiences and intense trips. So, why do we sell dried ones? Simple – longer storage times. We find that dried mushrooms are a far better option for the average consumer, as fresh ones last only about five to ten days in the fridge.

perfect shrooms

How They Look, Taste, & Smell

Curious about the appearance, flavor, and smell of dried mushrooms? Read on to discover the unique characteristics that can only come from fantastical fungi.


Dried mushrooms appear just like other mushrooms – a long, thin stem topped by a cap with darker-colored gills underneath. They are often a dark brown color, a rusty hue, or white. With distinctly phallic shapes, we always have fun learning the clever names that describe the looks of each strain. We may be biased but we think shrooms are beautiful, despite their silly appearances.


Wondering how shrooms taste? Well, they kinda taste just how they look – a bit strange! Magic mushrooms have a different taste from the kind you would find in the grocery store. They are much earthier in flavor, which can be quite off putting for some people. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to the taste over time, and find ways to mask it. 

This natural drug is unique in that there are many ways to make them taste more appetizing. For instance, I like to blend my dried mushrooms into green smoothies, orange juice, or green tea, but I have heard of others mixing it into chocolate spreads, pesto sauce, and salsas. Spreading the ground shrooms into a peanut butter sandwich is another favorite way of consumption for our team. We love the versatility of mushrooms, and the way we can sneak these medicinal goodies into all our favorite foods!


As for the smell, “earthy” is the best way to describe them. Just like all mushrooms, culinary or psychedelic, there is that distinct smell that can only come from fungi. Some people say they smell like pumpkin seeds, while others attest to them smelling like stinky feet! The verdict remains out – but personally, I hold strong to the stinky feet claim.

Dried Magic Mushrooms

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Used for the treatment of a variety of mental and physical health ailments, there are now a plethora of clinical trials concluding the effectiveness of psilocybin to basically rewire the brain. Once thought of as just another recreational drug, identified with hippies, criminals, and outcasts, magic mushrooms are only recently beginning to get the medical respect and recognition that they deserve. The information showcases that mushrooms are far more useful than just a fun and otherworldly trip, but rather powerful for medicinal health purposes as well. Keep reading to learn more.

Potential Therapeutic Uses of Psilocybin

By creating new pathways in the brain, magic mushrooms help to improve mental and physical health. Here are some of the top therapeutic and medical benefits of using psilocybin as a natural drug.

  • Relieves Anxiety

Mushrooms are best known for the intense psychedelic hallucinations that they induce, so many people are surprised to find out about the long term benefits for reducing anxiety. In fact, many studies have found mushrooms to improve serotonin levels in the body, thus reducing symptoms of anxiety. 

A regular client of ours, Stacy, is a 60 year old woman who had been dealing with constant anxiety her whole life. After trying just about every pharmaceutical on the market, and getting little relief, Stacy wanted to try something new. She was apprehensive about mushrooms, and was worried about the bad trips she had been warned about, but put her trust in our hands. 

We took our time getting to know her to understand exactly what she was looking for, and found the perfect strain for her needs. We got her set up on a micro-dosing regimen with a beginner friendly strain, and the results Stacy has reported have been nothing short of amazing. The debilitating symptoms she had been dealing with on a daily basis for 60 years of her life were greatly relieved by mushrooms, and she says she has greater peace of mind and higher energy levels than ever before.

  • Eases PTSD Symptoms

Countless trials have pointed to psilocybin being highly effective in easing PTSD. Helping to relieve fixations and obsessive thinking, mushrooms work to get the mind running in new and different routes.

  • Reduces Headaches & Migraines

Some studies have found that medicinal mushrooms can reduce the frequency of headaches by up to half. However, others point to mushrooms causing headaches in others, so it is worth trying for yourself to see the individual effect they have on your body.

  • Cures Addictions

Scientists have found that mushrooms, along with improving mental health, may assist with substance abuse by reducing cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs. We work with therapists and psychotherapists, highly experienced in using psychoactive drugs, such as mushrooms, to help clients overcome their addictions.

  • Combats Depression

Researchers are finding promising information on the positive effects that psilocybin can have on combating depression. This psychedelic substance has been proven to keep the good vibes flowing, with effects that last up to a year.

beautiful magic mushrooms

Clinical Trials with Psilocybin

The scientific world is abuzz with the study of magic mushrooms. Clinical trials around the world have been ongoing and scientists are constantly finding out new information about this natural drug’s effect on physical and mental health. Using participants from a variety of ages and backgrounds they can determine the effects of psilocybin on a range of medical ailments. The findings, as with all science, can be contrasting as the research is still relatively new, but new information is coming out every day to support the health benefits.

Psilocybin as a Treatment for Depression

One of psilocybin’s most notable benefits is its ability to ease depression. One of the most common mental health issues, people who suffer from depression tend to have greater separations between parts of their brain. They tend to run in the same thought patterns day in and day out, keeping them in a cycle of low feelings and negative thinking. In clinical trials, psilocybin has shown its ability to create new circuits in the brain, creating more connectivity. The most amazing part, and what sets it apart from other mental health pharmaceuticals and hallucinogenic drugs, is that psilocybin’s effects are long-lasting. 

John Hopkins University is one the leaders of the charge with their Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research. With 17 million dollars of funding behind them, they are paving the way for the future of psilocybin and its incredible ability to cure anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. They made quite a wave recently, by releasing research that affirms psilocybin treatment, accompanied by psychotherapy, has antidepressant benefits that can last at least one year.

How it Works

Now you know the good stuff, but how do mushrooms work? Read on!

dried shrooms

Short-Term Effects of Magic Mushrooms:


  • Hallucinations
  • Distortion of Sounds, Colors, & Things
  • Giggles
  • Euphoria
  • Boost in Mood
  • Feelings of Admiration & Gratitude 
  • Increased Energy
  • Joyful & Excited Feelings

Possible Negative

  • Paranoia
  • Panic
  • Nausea
  • Overwhelm

Mental Effects

  • Reduces Depressive Thoughts 
  • Eases Anxious Feelings
  • Improves Brain Connectivity
  • Promotes Positive Thinking 
  • Short-Term Hallucinations & Psychedelic Visuals

Physical Effects

  • Relieves Headaches
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Uncommon Bodily Sensations
  • Possible Nausea
colorful mushroom

Long-Term Effects of Magic Mushrooms

  • Strengthens Brain Connectivity
  • Increases Positive Thinking
  • Reduces Anxiety & Depression
  • Relieves PTSD Symptoms
  • Cuts Addictions
  • Promotes Mental Health
  • Inspires a Hopeful Attitude Towards Life

How Does It Make You Feel?

People who take magic mushrooms report a variety of different physical, mental, and emotional effects. Many people experience a full body high that lasts for a range of hours, depending on how much you take, your age, and your size. Often, people will find themselves giggling and feeling a state of euphoria. You may also experience a boost in your mood and heightened energy levels. It is also common to experience hallucinations and psychedelic visuals, making the world around you appear distorted or different than normal. Some people also report negative feelings of nausea, paranoia, and anxiousness. Each person’s experience is so different from another’s!

Taking mushrooms is truly a journey. For me, the mushrooms take effect pretty quickly, and I first notice a warm and tingly sensation throughout my body. I feel light and giggly, and tend to get a bit antsy to move or take a walk outside. Then the visuals and slight hallucinations take hold – the trees and plants begin to breathe, friends’ faces begin to shift, maybe my hands look a little glitchy, things like that. Then, depending on the dose I’ve taken, the hallucinations begin to intensify. 

One time, I was looking at the ground and watched as beautiful flowers in vibrant pinks and purples grew straight from the ground, while another time a spiraling portal seemed to expand in the sky above me. After a few hours of these visuals, they start to slow down and lose their intensity, taking you back to that light and giggly feeling until eventually the trip ends.

psychedelic shrooms

How does it make people behave?

How people behave will depend entirely on the amount they take and their body’s unique reaction, making it quite unpredictable for newcomers. However, it is quite common for people to giggle uncontrollably, become fixated on certain objects, and act in an excited way. I, and many other people,  report becoming extra emotional. I’ll find myself crying at things that I would otherwise not care so much about – like seeing a really cute dog or hugging my best friend. Empathy and emotions are definitely heightened!

It is important to know that hallucinations experienced while on mushrooms may cause a bit of paranoia or feelings of being overwhelmed, but these symptoms can luckily be eased and prevented.  Whenever I notice a friend falling into a negative pit or moving towards a bad trip, I move them straight to a safe and comfortable space. I remind them that the effects are only temporary and it will soon end, and then I like to hold their hand to give them a sense of feeling grounded and supported. It can also be helpful to shift their focus to more positive thoughts – pointing out the pretty colors on a tree or paying close attention to the notes of peaceful music.

Impact of Mood and Environment

Your environment and mood, as well as the amount you take, are believed to play a large role in how the substance reacts with your body at that time. For best results, we advise taking mushrooms in a safe and comfortable place with only positive, loving, and well-trusted friends. Pop on some good tunes, get comfy, and let the trippy vibes roll. .

beautiful group of mushrooms

Common Types of Dried Magic Mushrooms

If you are ready to try out these medicinal goodies, then take a look at the various mushroom varieties we offer below. We recommend buying from reputable suppliers only, as to avoid the possibility of receiving poisonous mushrooms or those that do not actually work. 

        Albino Melmac Envy – If you are into visuals, this is the mushroom for you. An intense mushroom variety, the Albino Melmac Envy is known for producing wild trips. Expect visual and auditory hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, and a possible spiritual awakening. 

        Golden Teacher – Available in a chocolate bar or in capsules, the Golden Teacher is perfect for microdosing purposes. Creativity is boosted, introspection is increased, and a deeper sense of connection to the world around you is inspired. 

        White Rabbit – Not for the rookie, the White Rabbit is a mushroom to be taken by experienced psilocybin users only. This strain is known for producing a powerful high and an intense trip. We advise only those who have taken mushrooms before, and who are looking for a deeply transformative experience, to take this strain, otherwise it could result in a bad trip. 

        Penis Envy – Perfect for blending into a tea or popping into capsules, the Penis Envy strain is named after their distinctly phallic-looking shape. This strain creates altered perceptions of time and space, and promotes visual and auditory hallucinations. The trip can last about 4-6 hours, so be prepared for a full day of awakening. 

        Albino Penis Envy – We advise only experienced mushroom takers to try the Albino Penis Envy strain, as this one can create a wild trip. For beginners this may be too overwhelming, resulting in a bad trip, but for the proficient can be powerfully transformative and eye-opening. 

        Mazatapec – Native to Mexico, the Mazatapec is a wonderful choice for those looking to deepen their spiritual journey or to explore the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms. This strain produces hallucinations, while also boosting the mood and promoting peaceful feelings. 

        Burmese – Euphoria, creativity, and empathy are all possible beneficial side effects of the Burmese mushroom strain. With psychedelic experiences lasting around 4-5 hours, this strain is for those looking to transcend time and space. 

        Blue Pulaski – Certainly not for the faint of heart, Blue Polaski is a renownedly potent mushroom. This strain’s trip lasts around 4-6 hours, and is powerful for exploring the psyche and confronting suppressed emotions. 
        Aztec Gods – Spiritual awakenings and heightened levels of consciousness are all to be expected when taking the Aztec Gods strain. Best for intermediate to advanced users, this strain creates deeply psychedelic experiences.

mushroom with roots

Risks Related to the Use of Magic Mushrooms

As with just about any substance, magic mushrooms do have some possible risks and side effects, which is why it is important to work with experienced suppliers and practitioners before taking them. Learn what to be aware of by reading below.

Bad trips

One of the most common fears before taking mushrooms is the possibility of a bad trip. This fear is definitely valid as a bad trip can be pretty terrifying! Bad trips are usually triggered by overwhelming feelings due to the hallucinations. As the world around you becomes distorted, you may find yourself becoming paranoid, anxious, or even nauseous. 

Our friend and regular at the shop, Dean, often recounts the scary details of his first trip. After becoming curious about the mind-bending effects of mushrooms, Dean and his friends bought some on the street and took them on a camping trip in the mountains. None of the friends had prior experience eating mushrooms and had no idea how much to take – bad idea! They ended up taking way too many mushrooms and were nowhere near prepared for the trip they were going to have. 

Dean recounts that night as a total nightmare of paranoia and fears. They started tripping in the afternoon and then felt the trip intensify by nighttime. He says he watched in horror as his friends’ turned into devilish figures, and he became convinced that they had turned against him. Meanwhile, the sky seemed to light up in fire, and he thought the world was coming to an end. 

This story is just one of many recounts of a bad trip, and is told not to make you fearful of mushrooms, but rather to convince you of the importance of proper dosage and education prior to eating them. Despite his scary experience, Dean came to us years later, intrigued by the positive effects he knew were possible. We got him set up with the right strain and dose, and he now uses shrooms regularly for their positive effects in reducing depression.

As we said earlier, the environment you eat the mushrooms in will play a large role in how your trip goes. Set your space up to be nice and comfortable and surround yourself with trusted friends. A bad trip can also be avoided by setting the intention for a positive experience beforehand, avoiding the self-fulfilling prophecy that can happen with prior worries and fears.

perfect shrooms

Substance Use Disorders and Withdrawal

As a non-chemically addictive medicine, mushrooms should produce no substance use disorders or withdrawal symptoms. You may, however, experience a sense of detachment from reality for a couple days after eating them.

Can I develop a tolerance or get addicted to mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are not a chemically addictive substance, meaning that people experience no physical symptoms after stopping their use. If you use mushrooms on a regular basis, it is possible to build your tolerance to them, meaning that you will need higher doses and amounts in order to feel the same effects. If you want to keep feeling the full spectrum of psilocybin, you should wait at least a couple days between doses to eat them again. I always space my trips out by a few days or even a few weeks, to ensure that I get the full experience each time.

Ready to Trip?

If you are looking for a mind-bending, soul-awakening, and reality-shaking  journey, then mushrooms may just be calling your name. These therapeutic fungi promise not only a wildly psychedelic voyage, but are also exceptionally healing for the mind, body, and soul. Whether you choose to eat them in dried form, fresh, capsules, teas, or chocolates, be ready for a life-changing experience. At Magic Mush, we got you covered with a range of strains, perfect for the amateur to the advanced psychonaut. 

Visit our website and check out our variety of dried mushroom strains. Need help choosing? Don’t be afraid to reach out – we love questions! Contact us at 613-618-6495

Alan Rockefeller

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