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Cyclothymia and Magic Mushroom

Cyclothymia and Magic Mushroom

Magic mushrooms have been an important piece of history throughout cultures around the globe, and many of our ancient ancestors were using them. Why? Well, apart from the groovy trips they provide, the active component, psicloybin, has a wealth of mental and emtoional health benefits to offer. Now, modern day science is finally catching up to what the ancients knew all along.

Here’s the thing, psilocybin is not just about seeing pretty colors and tripping out. Research (shoutout to Griffiths and team, 2016) suggests that this compound can be an impressive mood lifter. Imagine being on that cyclothymia roller coaster and having something to ease the dizzying ups and downs. That’s psilocybin for you.

Rewiring the Brain:

I like to think of the brain as this incredibly complex city with roads, highways, and tiny lanes. Sometimes, traffic gets jammed, and you need a detour. Enter: neuroplasticity. It’s like the brain’s GPS system, helping you navigate and find new routes.

Where do magic mushrooms fit in this scenario? They’re the traffic cops directing the whole operation. With a little psilocybin, those jammed roads start clearing up, and new pathways open. It’s like getting a fresh perspective, a new way to see things. And for someone with cyclothymia, this can be a game-changer. Instead of being stuck in a thought loop, there’s a chance for detours and uncharted roads.

The Door to Self-Discovery:

person alone at his home and suffering a mental disorder

So, a while back, during one of my own trysts with microdosing, I found myself in a deep meditation. The grass felt more alive, I felt completely connected to my body, and a sense of profound clarity washed over me. As someone who’s dabbled in the world of magic mushrooms, these moments of introspection are priceless. They’re like personal therapy sessions, offering insights into my behaviors, motivations, and even those pesky fears that lurk in the shadows.

Microdosing offers a deep dive into the self, a sort of mental spring cleaning. For those grappling with cyclothymia, these moments of self-reflection can be illuminating. Imagine understanding those mood swings, not just enduring them. It’s like finally getting the manual to your own mind!

The Mindful Mushroom:

One breezy afternoon, while microdosing, I found myself perched on my balcony, lost in the rhythm of rustling leaves. It felt like time slowed down, and I was truly present, savoring each moment. These moments of mushroom-induced mindfulness are now my new normal.

Mindfulness is like this superpower we all have, but often forget. It’s the ability to truly be in the now, fully aware, and without judgment. And magic mushrooms can be your gateway to this state. For those riding the cyclothymia wave, this present-moment awareness can be a lifesaver. Instead of being swept away by mood tides, you get this anchor, grounding you.

The Natural Allure:

Let’s be real, the world of pharmaceuticals can be daunting. The jargon, the side effects, the endless pill bottles… it’s a lot to take in. And, that’s probably why I was so drawn to the natural remedy of magic mushrooms.

But here’s the deal: while it’s tempting to dive headfirst into the magical world of shrooms, especially when you’re seeking relief, it’s essential to know the landscape. Yes, there’s potential for healing, for rediscovering oneself, and even for those eureka moments of clarity. But, like every adventure, it comes with its own set of challenges.

Magic mushrooms have been nature’s gift to many, offering solace, healing, and insights. But, before you embark on this journey, know the risks, do your homework, and always, ALWAYS consult with a professional. Your well-being is worth its weight in gold.

The Perfect Pair: Mushrooms & Therapy:

One day, under the gentle guidance of a trained therapist, I embarked on a guided mushroom experience. As the psilocybin coursed through me, I found myself in another state of pure clarity and mindfulness, but this time, it was different.

Amidst the vibrant hues and gentle breezes, there sat an old, weathered table. Atop it lay a puzzle – a mosaic of my life. Each piece represented memories, emotions, and moments I’d forgotten or tucked away. With each passing moment, I started to fit these pieces together, making sense of patterns and behaviors that had long mystified me.

My therapist’s voice, a gentle anchor in this whirlwind of emotions, guided me through the experience. We explored each piece, delving into past traumas, joyful moments, and everything in between. It was like a dance, with mushrooms leading the steps and therapy giving it structure. By the end, I felt a newfound appreciation for the intricate tapestry of my life. The pairing of psilocybin and talk therapy? Pure magic.

photo of mushroom for on a flower pot

Safety First!

Venturing into the world of psychedelics, as mesmerizing as it is, requires caution. I’ve had my share of breathtaking highs and some unexpected tumbles. That’s why I can’t stress this enough: always do this in a safe, controlled environment. Preferably with a trained professional who can guide you through the maze and ensure you come out wiser on the other side. Remember, it’s not just about tripping; it’s about traveling with purpose.

Breaking the Chains:

One of the things I adore about magic mushrooms? They aren’t addictive. Unlike some of those pesky pharmaceuticals which can have you coming back for more and more, these natural wonders don’t have that addictive pull. After my journeys, I’ve felt refreshed, enlightened even, but never the need to compulsively go back. No chains, just freedom.


The world of magic mushrooms is as vast as it is intriguing. But as with all journeys, it’s essential to tread with both curiosity and caution. For those brave souls out there battling cyclothymia, know that you may find a friend in fungi. But always remember: knowledge is power, safety is paramount, and you are never alone on this journey.

Alan Rockefeller

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